English Majors with Funny Career Goals

If you are an English major, please don’t take offense. But here are some essays from English majors with funny, over the top or, at the very least, interesting career goals.

We didn’t specifically ask for such essays. Each piece is an entry into an essay competition on study motivation. We noticed that the English majors weren’t always the most practical in terms of their projected career path. They are right up there with psychology students in terms of expressing vague or outlandish ambition in their essays.

English majors can afford to dream since they are not preparing for a particular career, unless they want to be a university professor. As a college degree, majoring in English prepares you many roles that require writing skills. But few job ads actually ask for someone with an English degree.

So we salute the English majors who dare to dream. We hope you have a fantastic career and life. Some people might find your aspirations funny or strange, but perhaps those individuals gave up on their dreams too soon.

Television Dream

I love television. I’m not afraid to admit that I think of it as the most exciting and important art form. I watch television all the time, a fact I used to be ashamed of but now flaunt. I want to work in that industry, because television has been my life for so many years.

I used to not admit that I wanted to work on a television show, and when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I would respond with random jobs like pilot or accountant just to get past their questions. Now, I fully admit that this is what I want to do.

I will admit to others that when I edit a paper I am preparing to be a television writer, and when I am working in a group presentation I am getting ready for working with others on a television show.

Thinking of work in terms of television gives me a backbone to base everything off, sometimes I even measure time in the amount of 22 minute episodes. This may seem extremely weird, and I know that I often can come off as obsessed with the medium for no reason, but it is simply what I enjoy and I can’t stop myself.

I dream of working on a television show and creating the art I love to partake in. This way, I would achieve something I’ve wanted basically my entire life.

Luke Bonner, University of Iowa

Next JK Rowling or Chaucer

Have you ever had that one dream where people doubt you? That dream that has “impossible” scribbled over and over again on top of it? That dream that gives you hope, that dream that keeps you alive? I have that dream. That dream of becoming the next J.K. Rowling or Chaucer, of becoming an author that will forever be remembered in the memories, dreams and hopes of everyone across the world. That’s my dream.

I am going to college so I can learn not only about the different languages of writing, but how I can better create my own worlds. I want to go to class with bright eyes, eager to absorb new knowledge. I want to learn how to better put the swirling mess of words in my head onto a simple lined paper. I want my stories to be heard. I want to give the world something that they can take a moment away from their hectic lives to read. I want to give them comfort and joy when they crack open a piece of my world.

This is why I want to continue my schooling. This dream of mine, of becoming a renowned author. I want to make my mark on the world by creating beautiful new worlds with my own simple words.

McKenna Ehrmantraut, University of Puget Sound

Madam President

One day, I will be the president of the United States of America. I don’t know when I’ll get there, or how, I just now that I WILL.

How can I be so confident? Well, there is nothing more motivating than being diagnosed with a brain tumor, and knowing you’ll life will never be normal.

Of course, this may sound like a disadvantage, but the way I see it, my world now works under a motor. I am being pushed by my need for adventure, and to explore the world and live my life to the fullest.

Sitting in the waiting room along with other cancer patience, I saw nothing but hope, and learned that I have nothing left to fear or lose. Anything is possible, all I have to do is try. I never thought I’d ever have to hear the words “Brain Tumor,” yet here I am, still me.

Sure, I’ve lost half of my hair which has created an incidentally cool hair cut, but I’ve gained so much. I’ve gained a love for life, and a need to leave an imprint in the world.

I hope that as president, I can live to see the day where people are no longer afraid if they’ll be able to afford their healthcare, and a day where no one is treated unfairly based on their race, disability, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, and gender.

Melissa Grijalva, UTEP

Name Displayed in Bookstores

Being a college student is stressful. If one is paying for college (after federal aid) all on their own, that can be extremely hard. Sleepless nights, long hours at work and in classes are not easy things to juggle. However, my dream to become one of the next Great American Novelists is what drives me to not only finish college but to excel at it.

From a very young age, I have been a storyteller. Whether it a story of one of my dreams, an event from my day, or fantasies I managed to imagine, I always tell them in great detail. As I grow older, the idea of becoming a writer grows stronger. I write to tell my story and the stories of those around me; to give readers a sense of reality that isn’t necessarily theirs but is a reality for someone. I write to give people a chance to leave their own lives and enter the world of mine; to give adults a glance into the minds of the millennials living in the 21st century.

One day I will have my Ph.D., I will have written a great realistic fiction American novel, and my name will be displayed in bookstores all over the nation. This dream pushes me to fight through the ache and fatigue of working two jobs, and it keeps me motivated to maintain good grades in my classes. I will do whatever it takes to graduate and be the writer I aspire to be.

Jykira Tyjee Harkness, Iona College

My Dream to Change the World’s Mentality

During my freshman year in high school my father was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. This took an unbelievable toll on my mother and me. This illness made him into a new person and I had lost not only my father, but one of my best friends.

Despite this adversity I managed to hold a 4.00 GPA throughout high school and get recruited to play lacrosse at Illinois Wesleyan University.

As a career, I aspire to be a national news broadcaster, but my ultimate dream however, is to change the world. I understand the kind of weight that statement holds, however I am not afraid to say it.

I am a firm believer that everyone in this world can reach any desired dream they have in life. But for the vast majority of people, they choose to settle in life for less than what they had once dreamed of. They give in and choose to stop dreaming.

I wish to change that mentality of the world. The mentality that involves people to stop chasing their dreams because of adversity they have had in their life. I want to convey to every individual that adversity breeds success and anyone can become anything with enough passion and the undying will to succeed.

So what motivates me to continue to study? The fact that one day I will be able to inspire millions across the world despite the adversity I had once faced in life, is all the motivation I need.

Derek Hogel, Illinois Wesleyan University