Phrasal Verbs With On, Off

It’s time for more of those horrible, frightening, phrasal verbs. Do not doze off, do not nod off, do not switch off, and definitely do not turn on the TV. No, sit on the sofa, turn off the music, and listen very carefully. Phrasal verbs can be fun as well as frightening, especially phrasal verbs with off and on.

Education On and Off Phrasal Verbs

Jake made a crude joke at the beginning of the lesson, upsetting the teacher who went off when Jake continued talking rudely. Ms Clarke promised to call on Jake every time a difficult maths question came up in the next lesson.

Other students protested that they should also get a chance to answer questions. “Hold on a moment” was the response from Ms Clarke. She continued, “Everyone will can try after Jake. He is usually wrong anyway.”

Jake responded, “You really look down on me, don’t you Ms Clarke?” Everyone laughed. But Jake’s joking may pay off in the end if he gets extra education resources, especially individual instruction, out of the attention.

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More On and Off Phrasal Verbs

Have you ever been ripped off? I’ll bet you have. I once gave five euros to a homeless man. He said he needed to buy a new pair of underpants. Thirty minutes later I saw him go into an apartment block. Quite a nice apartment block actually. And he was carrying four cans of very strong beer. So he wasn’t homeless at all and he hadn’t bought underpants. He’d stolen my money. He ripped me off.

Have you ever been in an on and off relationship? I’ll bet you have. You know you have and on and off relationship when one week someone really turns you on, the next week they turn you off, then the next week they turn you on again, then the next week … well, well, you get the idea. On and off, hot and cold and so on.

Usually in an on and off relationship the guy says the girl is leading him on. One minute she’s really friendly, smiling, flirting, touching just a little, maybe even kissing. And then suddenly, every time he calls she’s washing her hair. He calls at nine in the morning or eleven in the evening, it doesn’t matter. She’s washing her hair. It just is not possible for a girl to wash her hair and meet a guy all in the same day.

Then the guy calls again. One last time. And guess what, she’s really pleased he called. She tells him, ‘you really turn me on.’ The guy smiles but he’s thinking, ‘is she leading me on.’

This is how my relationship with Lex began.

Of course, sometimes you meet someone and you hit it off first time. You get on so well with each other. Or you seem to. Then something happens and it puts you off. It really, really puts you off.

For our second date Lex and I went to an Italian restaurant. My very favorite Italian restaurant with the best spaghetti in the whole world. Also the waiters are very good looking. And Lex, I should say was also very good looking until he stuck his finger up his nose. That really put me off him.

I wanted to tell him off. I wanted to say Lex, ‘you are disgusting, get your finger out of your nose immediately.’ But I didn’t. I carried on eating my spaghetti and ignored him. And I thought about my hair, about how much it needed washing.

So you see, I wasn’t leading him on. He had put me off and because I’m polite I didn’t want to tell him he was disgusting. So every time he called I said I was washing my hair.

Now, I know exactly what you are thinking. You’ve learned a few new phrasal verbs and you are thinking, ‘if Lex was such a turn off, why did Ellie carry on seeing him?’

I forgave him. I let him off. I gave him a second chance. Anyway, I think I’ve gone on about Lex for long enough.

Do you ever get the feeling, someone is having you on? When the homeless man, who wasn’t really homeless, said he needed five euros top buy a pair of underpants, he was lying, he wasn’t telling me the truth, he was tricking me, he was having me on.

And I believed him. It was difficult though. I couldn’t really say, ‘take off your trousers and show me. Prove you need new underpants.’ He was scruffy, badly dressed, smelly, dirty hair, black fingernails. I’ll bet his underpants were really off-putting.

So I didn’t realize he was trying it on. If you try something on you … well, you could try on a new pair of underpants to see if they fit. Of course you would have to do this in a changing room. But you can try it on anywhere. It means you are trying to trick somebody. And it is not nice. Not at all.

I’ll finish off by saying, remember, a homeless person will ask you for money, or food or cigarettes, but a homeless person will never ask you for underpants. Never, never, never. Believe me if you are homeless underpants are not a priority.

So learn from my mistake and don’t let yourself be ripped offMORE EXERCISES